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Mixing Stems?

What are stems and why do we use them?

When mixing stems, the audio engineer will typically group together related tracks such as drums, bass, guitars, vocals, etc. and then apply equalization, compression, effects, and other processing to each stem individually. This allows the engineer to focus on the specific characteristics and issues of each stem, making adjustments to the levels, panning, and effects as needed, before bringing them all together for the final mix.
Mixing stems can be helpful in a number of ways. For example, it can help to isolate and fix specific issues within the mix, reduce phase issues, and provide more control over the overall balance and dynamics of the mix. It can also make the mixing process more efficient and manageable, particularly for larger and more complex projects.
Overall, mixing stems can be a powerful tool for achieving a more polished and professional-sounding mix, and is commonly used in many different genres of music production.

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